Yes we do!

Yes, this is what we do. Webshops. We are specialized on this. So if you are in need of an online shop, small or big, search no more, as you just arrived at the right place. Let’s see what your options are what you need to take into consideration.

The platform - the foundation stone of the shop

This is the first and most important decide we need to take: which engine will the webshop run upon? This depends on many factors, so it’s good to take a moment, sit and think on what you really need. We recommend Prestashop, but sometimes Woocommerce may also be used, which is a free WordPress plugin.



Currently, this is one of the best options on the market. In theory, it allows unlimited products and categories, comes with many built-in features and modules, it’s search engine friendly, multilanguage and has its own cache. Of course, it does not contain everything, but as usual, with modules and templates, there’s a solution for everything.


  • Prestashop is a dedicated webshop platform. Period.
  • lots of options and features out of the box
  • easy template structure and modular design, basic HTML and CSS knowledge is enough for editing
  • it’s multilingual by default and has a powerful built-in translator
  • built-in cache system


  • CMS section is incomplete and poor
  • minimalistic contact form
  • few free modules
  • Blog functions only with a module

Woocommerce / WordPress


Wordpress is responsible for 60% of the web. This is the most common CMS, so no wonder it has grown into a multifaceted solution. WordPress at core is no more than a blog engine, but thanks to its remarkable expansiveness, it has everything to add to it. One of these  is Woocommerce, which is the most popular webshop plugin for this platform.


  • strong CMS features, rich static pages can be built with it
  • lots of free add-ons and plugin, even professional ones
  • Blog feature comes out of the box
  • Anyone who is familiar with WordPress does not have to get used to a new admin interface


  • essentially the webshop functionality is a plugin
  • minimum options, plugin required for everything else (enhance a plugin with a plugin)
  • more complex template structure, basic HTML and CSS knowledge is insufficient for editing
  • non-multilingual, can be remedied only with complex and paid solutions
  • no built-in cache

These are just the most important remarks, as the pros and cons of both solutions could be counted for days, but that’s probably the ones that can help us decide in which direction to go. As a recap:
– many products, few static pages, complex webshop: Prestashop
– fewer products, more complex static pages, the webshop is basicly an additional feature of the company website: Woocommerce / WordPress

Complexity and approach - personalized or turnkey

The next thing we need to decide is how complex and personalized solution we need. Some want to be unique from start and be embedded in public opinion as a brand, and some who wants to experiment first and postpone the decision to a niche that he thinks is more successful. The first is the full personalized corporate, the latter is the turnkey solution.

Turnkey Webshops - the easiest and fastest solution

If you are not completely sure of the direction and on which products you need to focus, or simply need a fast and cheap solution because you are on a limited budget, this is the best option. This is what to take into consideration:

  • Engine: Prestashop or WordPress: Free
  • Look: an easy-to-edit, pre-built template: $ 60- $ 70
  • Minimal customizations, fine-tuning, other settings – Depending on the situation, there may be a few hours or even more
  • Hosting + Domain: variable
  • Effective development and delivery time: approximately 48 hours

Customized and personalized corporate webshops

For a successful webshop, it is essential to be unique. This is true both for existing brands (known brands or franchises) as new ones, as it decisive how the visitor and the potential buyer will first identify with it. The most unique solutions can be found maybe in the fashion industry, where the designer’s own vision is trying to be applied to the webpage’s lok, which is sometimes reflected in minimalist and hidden elements, as well as the actual reflection of the physical business store. So it’s pretty important how an established brand presents itself on the web,as well as how to incorporate a new image into the public.

  • Engine: Prestashop, sometimes Woocommerce: Free
  • Design: fully personalized, unique approach, the preparation of which is preceded by few brainstormings and the client is also directly involved
  • theme fundamentals: generally a highly flexible responsive template that makes the image easier to be implemented, but sometimes a template can be built from scratch
  • Hosting + Domain + SSL, maybe AMP
  • Effective development and delivery time: about one month or even more


You have questions or you need a quote regarding one of our services? Head to the contact page and get in touch with us.