If you don't need a full package, here's where we can still help you


Yes, we are axed on  Prestashop, but we are not restricted to this platform, so we can help you in more areas than you think. If you already have a web site that you need to refine, something is stuck or buggy, you need a solution to a problem in form of a module or need to edit or change your graphic design, you can turn to us.

Prestashop related services

Since this is our main field of expertise, we have written about it on the eCommerce and Webshops  page.

Prestashop upgrade
This is one of the biggest problem the Prestashop-based webshop owner may encounter: updating the engine to a new version. Actually Prestashop has a built-in module for this purpose, but works only up to version 1.6, as the 1.7 version has changed so much, that it’s almost impossible to implement this procedure in-house. Since this is a delicate and multi-step process, we have also detailed it on a separate page. Read more on Upgrade Prestashop to version 1.7

Module development
At Prestashop Addons, there is at least one module for almost everything, but sometimes there is a demand that is so unique that no one has ever developed it, or at least not in the way the client requires it. Presta FABRIQUE has developed many modules, we are present on Addons for a long time, and our statistic speaks for itself, so you can turn to us with full confidence in this matter.

This can be related to many things: personalization affecting functionality or graphics related. We can help you in both, and we will try to do this so that neither Prestashop nor the module will lose its upgradability.

Other expertise areas and skills

Graphic design
This includes a whole lot of things like editing banners, designing print materials (business cards, flyers, posters, stationary, greeting cards) or even creating a logo.

Personalization & customisation
Of course not only Prestashop is what we are involved in. We are also fluent in WordPress, but if there’s a problem with Bootstrap, Javascript, Twig, PHP or you name it, we can take a look at it.

Email marketing
You have a steady subscriber base, and sending out newsletter weekly or maybe even daily? We can help you prepare them, so it will look nice in each email client and it’s W3C compliant.



You have questions or you need a quote regarding one of our services? Head to the contact page and get in touch with us.